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I’m excited to take on new and interesting projects! Proficient in multiple languages, including French, English, and a bit of Spanish, I have the skills to bring text to life with precision and cultural sensitivity.

I refined my linguistic abilities during my academic journey, where I explored the complexities of translation and language dynamics.

My prior experience as an independent language professional has given me the adaptability to handle a wide range of content, from legal documents to imaginative prose.

Now, I’m eager to find fresh challenges and opportunities within the freelance community. Whether it involves translating business materials, creative writing, or anything in between, you can count on me!

I take great satisfaction in delivering not just words, but the true essence of the message. Meeting deadlines is second nature to me, and attention to detail is my secret weapon.

Let’s connect and ensure your message resonates seamlessly across different cultures! Ready to embark on this linguistic journey together? Feel free to reach out!


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