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Full-Stack Developer

Are you in search of a highly skilled full stack developer proficient in PHP and JavaScript? Your search ends here!👇🏼

I am an skillful Full Stack Developer with expertise in various technologies, including PHP, WordPress, React, Gatsby, Vue, and Ember. I have a proven track record spanning over 8 years in web development, specializing in various applications often integrated with WordPress, Hubspot, WordPress headless, and Gutenberg.

My qualifications include:

  • Demonstrated proficiency in OOP best practices for building robust functionalities.
  • Extensive leadership experience in managing project teams.
  • A versatile tech stack encompassing JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Ember, PHP, Python, Django, WordPress, and Laravel.
  • Expertise in diverse sectors, such as E-commerce, ERP, CRM, Marketing websites, and themes sold on Envato market.
  • My approach to development transcends mere coding; it is a comprehensive business process where I consistently deliver effective and competitive solutions.


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