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JavaScript Developer

I am an adroit developer with a strong background in various JavaScript web frameworks, encompassing React, React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, GraphQL, TypeScript, and more.

I always aim to provide prompt responses to contract offers or invitations, typically within a short timeframe. My performance on freelance platforms reflects my commitment to delivering quality work.

My passion lies in software development, and I have a knack for devising innovative solutions for business challenges using established methodologies. I specialize in crafting modern web and mobile applications from scratch, leveraging JavaScript and React or Node.js.

My development approach prioritizes precision, high-quality code, sound architecture, and a dedication to test-driven development.

Here is an overview of my technical skills:

✮ Proficient in Programming Languages: JavaScript and TypeScript
✮ Expertise in Frameworks: React, Vue, Node, Redux, and Vuex
✮ Familiarity with Design Patterns and Architectural Approaches such as BLoC and Provider
✮ Experience in Payment Integration with services like Stripe and Paypal
✮ Strong Database Knowledge, encompassing SQL (MySQL, SQLite, MsSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis)
✮ Versed in Version Control systems like SVN and GIT, along with a deep understanding of web technologies (SSL, AJAX, JSON, XML, SOAP, CURL, etc.)
✮ Competent in Project Tracking tools like Asana, Trello, YouTrack, Jira, and Atlassian

I have a history of delivering exceptional work, backed by testimonials like this one:

🏆 “The developer was able to grasp existing code, comprehend it, and swiftly develop new features. Their code structure was well-organized and easy to maintain, all while meeting tight deadlines. I highly recommend their services.”

As a Full Stack JavaScript Developer, you can rely on my professional approach. I am available to work eight hours a day, delivering clean code, efficient solutions, and a wealth of ideas to enhance your website or service.

💡 Valuable tip: I offer a complimentary, in-depth consultation to discuss your project and gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. Feel free to invite me for a more detailed discussion.


Email Verified Jessica S

Full Stack JavaScript Development

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