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Blockchain Developer -> Python, Golang and Node.js


I am proficient in developing code using Python, Golang, or Node.js. My coding expertise encompasses various domains, such as web development, automation, and creating small applications.

Within the realm of Python, I possess knowledge in technologies such as Django, JSON, ConfigParser, wrappers, virtualenv, beautifulsoup, regex, logging, caching, debugging, and web crawling.

In the realm of Golang, I am well-versed in GORM, multi-threading, goroutines, caching, net/http, and blockchain-related technologies like lnd network, btcd, go-ethereum, and web3.

Additionally, my skills extend to Ruby on Rails, where I have experience with Devise, doorkeeper, pundit, fastjson_api, among others.

Furthermore, I have proficiency in working with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and expertise in REST API development. My proficiency in Linux includes a mastery of bash CLI commands.

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