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Motion Graphics specialist | Lyric videos, Explanatory clips


I focus on motion graphics and video editing services, operating from a diverse location. To keep things concise and straightforward, here is a summary of the services I provide:

  • Craft captivating videos featuring innovative text animations and artistic abstract shapes.
  • Accommodate various video genres, such as lyric videos, explanatory clips, concise social media advertisements, or any text-based content you desire to transform into animated visuals.
  • Proficiently animate stickers or any text-related elements essential to your project’s objectives.
  • If necessary, I can enhance your live-action footage, incorporating fundamental transitions and performing color grading (available as an optional add-on).
  • The final deliverables are produced in a 1920x1080p resolution. For higher resolutions like 4K or specialized dimensions, additional add-ons are available upon request.

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