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Tester -> PC games, Android games


I possess over a decade and a half of hands-on involvement in the realm of interactive digital entertainment, exploring a vast spectrum of gaming genres. My fervor for gaming is unwavering, and I’ve even ventured into the competitive gaming scene.

In my freelancing capacity, I extend my services to evaluate and critique a wide array of gaming experiences, including PC games, Android games, Steam offerings, and Android applications.

Here’s an outline of the services I offer and the aspects I’ll be scrutinizing:

  1. Initial Gaming Encounter:
    • The initial impression left by the game upon playing.
  2. User Interface Examination:
    • Delving into the intuitiveness and functionality of the user interface.
  3. Sensory Evaluation:
    • A comprehensive assessment of the auditory and visual elements within the game.
  4. Bug Identification:
    • The detection and documentation of any glitches or issues, supported by screenshots and recordings for clarity.
  5. Holistic Gameplay Evaluation:
    • An overview of the overall gaming experience, considering all facets.
  6. Potential Enhancements or Additions:
    • Offering insights into possible enhancements or new features that could enrich the gaming experience.

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