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About “Jonny”

We are a dynamic and rapidly growing social media management agency committed to helping businesses establish a powerful online presence. Our team is dedicated to creating engaging and impactful content across various social media platforms, driving brand awareness, and fostering meaningful connections with our clients’ target audiences.

Job Description: We are currently seeking a talented and creative freelance Social Media Manager to join our team. The ideal candidate will possess a passion for social media, a keen understanding of different platforms, and the ability to craft compelling content that resonates with our clients’ brand identity.


  • Develop and implement social media strategies to increase brand visibility and engagement.
  • Create and curate high-quality, shareable content tailored to each platform.
  • Monitor and analyze social media performance, providing regular reports and insights.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and incorporate innovative approaches into social media campaigns.
  • Engage with the online community, responding to comments and messages in a timely and professional manner.


  • Proven experience as a Social Media Manager or similar role.
  • Demonstrable expertise in developing and executing successful social media campaigns.
  • Proficient in using social media management tools and analytics platforms.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Creative mindset with an eye for design and aesthetics.

Key Requirements:

  • Availability for flexible working hours to accommodate different time zones.
  • Proactive and self-motivated, able to work independently and meet deadlines.
  • Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

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