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Software Developer

Sure, let’s team up and embark on an exciting journey of creativity! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got a project in mind or simply want to have a virtual chat over a cup of coffee and discuss all things tech. I’m eagerly looking forward to connecting with fellow tech enthusiasts and forward-thinking employers! 😊

Here are some of the skills I bring to the table:

  • Proficiency in Backend Development (I’m well-versed in Node.js and Python).
  • Expertise in API Design and Seamless Integration.
  • Skillful Database Management, with experience in MySQL and MongoDB.
  • A knack for Problem-Solving and Debugging, ensuring smooth project execution.

My tech toolkit includes:

  • Programming Languages: I’m fluent in JavaScript and Python.
  • Frameworks: I work comfortably with Express.js.
  • Essential Tools: Git and VS Code are my trusty companions.
  • Database Systems: I have hands-on experience with MongoDB and MySQL.

Let’s embark on this coding adventure and shape the future together! 🚀


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