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3D Animator

I’m committed to crafting exceptional visual identities for various products and services.

My aim is to assist businesses and individuals in achieving a top-notch visual presentation for their offerings. I’ve spent a significant amount of time in this field, with 17 years of experience under my belt. Over the past 5 years, I’ve completed over 630 product modeling and listings projects, catering to platforms like Amazon, Shopify, diverse e-commerce channels, personal websites, social media marketing initiatives, image production for manufacturing, printable materials, mobile applications, and more.

My expertise encompasses product design and the creation of tangible goods from inception. I can oversee the entire process, commencing with research and conceptual design, progressing to 3D product modeling, meticulous testing of design elements and options, considerations for materials, textures, and colors. Additionally, I can manage the full spectrum of branding and marketing activities, from crafting marketing collateral to preparing materials for manufacturing and beyond.