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Software Architect

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I have a rich history of expertise in the technology sector spanning over 23+ years. During my extensive career, I have contributed to businesses in areas such as evaluating legacy software, developing applications, modernizing applications, migrating and modernizing infrastructure, managing cloud environments, and handling data processing through scalable ETL pipelines. I take pride in having received seven patents from a respected patent office and acquiring several professional certifications in the realm of cloud computing, notably from Google Cloud. I am thrilled to bring my wealth of knowledge and skills to platforms like Upwork.

As a forward-thinking technology enthusiast, I hold a deep passion for all facets of the tech world. My ability to communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally, is a strong asset. My leadership capabilities have been honed through years of experience, and I have a proven track record of designing and overseeing large-scale applications and cloud setups with a focus on automation (CI/CD). My toolkit includes a diverse range of technologies, encompassing Golang, Java, PHP, NodeJS, Kubernetes (GKE/ELK), Docker, Dialogflow, BigQuery, DataPrep, Google Cloud Storage, AppEngine, CloudRun, CloudBuild, Firestore, DevOps, WebRTC,, Google Cloud partnership, and C++.

My professional journey has cultivated a robust foundation in cloud services, with a comprehensive understanding of various cloud computing models. I possess in-depth knowledge of cloud-based infrastructure, platforms, and software services, along with familiarity with different cloud service providers and their offerings. My extensive experience equips me to craft, implement, and manage cloud-based solutions for a diverse clientele.


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