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Full Stack Developer

Demonstrating proficiency in a broad spectrum of technologies encompassing both the front-end and back-end domains, with a staunch commitment to crafting scalable and sustainable applications. Proficiency extends to crafting responsive user interfaces utilizing renowned frameworks such as React and Vue, alongside the construction of resilient server-side applications employing Node.js and Laravel, among others. A track record replete with the capability to steer development teams, oversee projects, and furnish top-tier code even amidst stringent timelines.

Notable Competencies:

  • Robust expertise in front-end technologies encompassing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks such as React, Redux, Vue, and Vuex.
  • Profound exposure to back-end technologies, featuring Node.js, Express.js, PHP, Laravel, Python, Django, and Flask.
  • Well-versed in diverse database technologies, ranging from SQL and MongoDB to Redis.
  • Acquainted with cloud services offered by renowned providers like AWS and Azure.
  • A solid foundation in software development best practices and methodologies.
  • Adept problem-solving and debugging prowess.
  • Effective communication and leadership proficiencies.


Email Verified John S

Full-Stack Developer

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