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Full-stack Developer

Create a customized Python web application tailored to your unique requirements. With a strong track record in Python development spanning 5 years and a comprehensive grasp of web technologies, I’m confident in my capacity to deliver a top-notch, scalable solution. Your quest for a versatile Python Django developer has reached its conclusion. I’ll collaborate closely with you to grasp your needs and provide a solution that surpasses your anticipations.

Cutting-edge Technologies:

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Back-end: Python, JavaScript
  • Enhanced User Experience: Ajax, jQuery, HTMX
  • Frameworks: Django, Django Rest Framework
  • Real-time Functionality: Socket.IO, Django Channels, Geo Django, Social Auth, Swagger
  • Scalability & Task Automation: Redis, Celery, Celery Beat
  • Database Mastery: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3
  • Version Control & Hosting: Git, GitHub, Nginx, Digital Ocean
  • Containerization & CI/CD: Docker, Jenkins, AWS

Services at Your Disposal:

  • Holistic Web Development with Python Django
  • Dynamic and Adaptive Web Design
  • Thoughtful Database Architecture and Administration
  • Seamless Website Deployment and Ongoing Support
  • Robust API Development and Seamless Integration
  • Multilingual Adaptability and Containerization
  • Rigorous White Box and Black Box Testing
  • Tailored Web Application Development with Precision 🚀


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