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UX/UI Designer

With a substantial background in the realm of user experience and user interface design, I possess a sharp eye for detail and a deep-seated commitment to delivering designs that are both intuitive and visually captivating. I leverage industry-standard design tools, with a primary focus on utilizing Figma, to meticulously craft interactive prototypes and wireframes that offer a comprehensive glimpse into the user’s journey. My specialization lies in fashioning visually striking designs that seamlessly align with your brand’s aesthetic while effectively engaging users. My designs are meticulously crafted to ensure responsiveness across a broad spectrum of devices and screen dimensions.

My portfolio boasts a wealth of experience in conceiving designs for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, with a particular emphasis on the health and education sectors. Notably, I played a pivotal role in the design of a PTC Application utilized extensively in American educational institutions. The design I contributed to was widely embraced by the majority of users. This PTC Application functions as a scheduling system for K-12 schools. Furthermore, I had the privilege of collaborating on DatAlign, a prominent big data enterprise that is pioneering groundbreaking approaches to tracking patient data within US nursing homes. My expertise also extends to crafting diverse landing pages spanning a wide array of industries. Effective communication and collaboration are a cornerstone of my approach, facilitated by proficiency in both English and German.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate on your forthcoming project!


Email Verified Maria Y

Mobile & Web Interface Excellence

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