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3D Animator

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💻✨ I refined my expertise at a renowned educational institution in Tokyo, where I delved into the captivating realm of computer-generated imagery. 🎓🎬

Having had the privilege of serving as a senior animator at a prominent Japanese animation production house, I’ve been fortunate to contribute to a range of captivating projects. 🚀 From dynamic character portrayals to awe-inspiring visual compositions, I revel in pushing the boundaries of digital creativity.

Today, as an independent 3D Animator, I’m here to collaborate and craft remarkable visual content that captivates and engrosses audiences. Whether it’s for the gaming industry, cinematic productions, or immersive virtual experiences, I’m fully committed! 🎮🎥

My commitment to precision and dedication to delivering animations that not only meet but surpass expectations are sources of personal pride. 🌈✨ Let’s embark on a creative journey together and bring your artistic visions to life! Feel free to connect with me, and let’s work our creative magic! 🚀🔥 #ArtistryInAnimation #CreativeFreedom 🎨🎉


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