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Virtual Reality Designer

I am a highly motivated and self-driven individual with a strong passion for the field of game development. I possess a solid foundation of knowledge and hands-on experience in utilizing the Unity3D platform. My expertise extends to cross-platform application development, and I have a deep understanding of both Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Component-Oriented Programming (COP) paradigms.

I am fully prepared to dedicate significant time and effort to my projects, ensuring their successful completion.

Here is a brief overview of my skills and capabilities:

☑ Proficient in working with various platforms, including iOS, Android, and OS X.

☑ Experienced in utilizing tools such as Unity, xCode, and Android Studio.

☑ Skilled in programming languages, including C# and Dart.

☑ Familiar with AI/ML technologies and Python.

☑ Proficient in using Rasa for natural language processing.

☑ Capable of 3D modeling and animation, bringing immersive experiences to life.


Email Verified Mia K

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