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DevOps Engineer

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Over the past six years, I have been actively involved in the role of a Deployment Operations Engineer, contributing significantly to the development and execution of various innovative DevOps solutions. My experience encompasses a wide spectrum of DevOps tools, cloud service providers, and the deployment of containerized applications.

I am dedicated to guiding you through the entire project lifecycle, starting from its inception to a successful production deployment. I hold a firm belief in the transformative potential of DevOps practices, which can lead to the creation of a seamless deployment pipeline. By meticulously monitoring every facet of the operation and fostering collaboration between development and operational teams, we can drastically reduce downtime and expedite the recovery process in the event of any disruptions.

Throughout my professional journey, I have harnessed various operating systems such as Centos, Debian, RHEL, and Ubuntu, leveraging their strengths to tackle the challenges that have arisen. My expertise in this domain has been honed through years of practical experience, making me well-equipped to address the unique demands of your project.


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AWS Certified Solution Architect

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