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Graphic Designer

My areas of expertise encompass various aspects of design, including brand identity development, digital artwork creation, and the world of illustrations. Whether you require a sophisticated logo, eye-catching social media visuals, or captivating artwork, I possess the skills to deliver exceptional results.

My professional journey has included collaboration with a prominent design firm in Beijing, where I had the opportunity to refine my craft and collaborate with a diverse range of clients. Now, I am eagerly seeking freelance opportunities to apply my creative flair to fresh and exciting projects.

Why Consider My Services: My commitment extends beyond mere design elements; it revolves around comprehending the essence of your brand and crafting designs that resonate with your audience. I adhere to deadlines rigorously and thrive on cooperative partnerships with clients to bring their visions to fruition.

A Glimpse Into My Portfolio: I invite you to explore my portfolio to witness some of my recent creations. From sophisticated corporate aesthetics to vibrant and evocative illustrations, you’ll discover a diverse range of visual expressions.

My Offerings:

  1. Identity Design
  2. Brand Development
  3. Digital Artistry
  4. Social Media Visuals
  5. Print Design

Feel free to initiate a conversation, and together, we can transform your concepts into visually compelling narratives! 😄🎨🚀


Email Verified Ming L

Figma UI/UX & Web App Design Expert

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