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Blockchain Developer

Why you should consider me for your web-3 development needs:

✅ My focus is not on boasting about being a top-rated developer, but rather on my ability to attentively listen to your specific challenges and meticulously craft a tailored solution that aligns with your business objectives.

✅ I possess a strong combination of expertise in blockchain architecture, business acumen, and development skills.

✅ I have successfully executed and launched numerous substantial platform projects, showcasing my track record of delivering results.

✅ I currently hold a leadership role at a prominent and rapidly growing blockchain startup.

✅ Prior to my current position, I held the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at a significant web-3 social media platform based in the United Kingdom.

✅ I have actively participated in Global Blockchain Hackathons, further enhancing my practical experience and problem-solving capabilities in the blockchain space.

✅ I also contribute as a mentor and advisor to various blockchain enterprises in both Africa and the United States, adding value to the broader blockchain community.

✅ In addition to my other achievements, I have authored smart contracts tailored for payment processors to facilitate seamless cryptocurrency transactions, demonstrating my technical proficiency in this area.


Email Verified Ryan P

Professional Blockchain Developer

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