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Reality Designer | Shaping Realities, Creating Dreams


I am an experienced professional in the realms of AR, VR, and 3D visualization design. While I may be relatively new to MyJobsDone, I bring with me a rich history of 7+ years in this industry, a journey that began during my teenage years.

🎯 Here’s why you should consider working with me on your project:

✎ I believe in achieving the seemingly impossible. If you can articulate your idea clearly, I can transform it into reality.

✎ All your augmented, virtual, immersive, and cross-platform assets are crafted under one roof, ensuring a seamless integration.

✎ You will receive competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of work.

✎ I am committed to meeting deadlines punctually and believe in open and transparent communication.

🎯 My areas of expertise:


✪ Showcasing Products

✪ Developing AR Applications

✪ Real-Time 3D Rendering

✪ Creating AR Filters

✪ Implementing WebAR


✪ Training in Hard & Soft Skills

✪ Crafting Virtual Tour Applications

✪ Real-time Training Simulations

✪ VR App Development

✪ Interactive Virtual Experiences

✪ WebVR Implementation


✪ Crafting Virtual Cross-Platform Spaces

✪ Creating Virtual Avatars

✪ Establishing Virtual e-Commerce Stores


✪ Crafting Augmented & Virtual Reality Games

✪ Developing Cross-Platform Games

✪ Designing Mobile Games

✪ Creating Educational Apps & Games

✪ Real-Time Interaction Solutions

✪ Game Environment Artistry


✪ Crafting Realistic 3D Models

✪ Designing Levels and Visualizing Environments

✪ Architectural Visualization

✪ Producing 3D/2D Animated Videos

Feel free to drop me a message now 📨 Let’s embark on the journey of bringing your 3D, AR, gaming, and VR projects to life!

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