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Full Stack | JavaScript, NodeJS, ExpressJS


In search of a skilled full-stack developer? In need of tailored website development? Interested in harmonizing your frontend and backend?

About Me:

I am a proficient Full Stack Developer, self-educated, driven by a profound passion for TypeScript and JavaScript. I specialize in cutting-edge Web3 development, proficiently linking the frontend and backend components of web applications to deliver holistic solutions.

My Skillset:

  • Proficiency in JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Mastery of ReactJS and NextJS
  • Expertise in state management with Redux, Redux toolkit, and Context API
  • Proficient in working with React-query and GraphQL
  • Experience with various JavaScript frameworks
  • Familiarity with UI libraries like Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Chakra UI, Material Design, and Ant design
  • Strong foundation in HTML5, CSS3, and SCSS
  • Proficiency in backend technologies such as NodeJS and ExpressJS
  • Experience with Firebase, Socket, Realtime applications, MongoDB, and MySQL

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