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Web Development (Full Stack)

*<*> I’m an accomplished developer proficient in a wide range of technologies. I possess a proven track record of successfully delivering projects with utmost client satisfaction.

My skills encompass various aspects of web development, spanning both frontend and backend areas:


  1. Cutting-edge UI design
  2. Content management with WordPress
  3. Utilizing Reactjs and Redux for enhanced functionality
  4. Employing Bootstrap for responsive layouts
  5. Harnessing the power of JavaScript and TypeScript
  6. Incorporating jQuery for dynamic interactivity
  7. Crafting visually appealing HTML5
  8. Implementing Material UI for modern aesthetics
  9. Leveraging Tailwind CSS for streamlined styling
  10. Harnessing the capabilities of AngularJS


  1. Building robust applications with NodeJS
  2. Creating APIs with Express JS
  3. Crafting server-side solutions using PHP
  4. Proficiency in Laravel and Cake PHP frameworks
  5. Python expertise, including Django and Flask
  6. Developing RESTful APIs for efficient data exchange
  7. Utilizing GraphQL for flexible data queries
  8. Integration with Chat GPT and Open AI through API


Email Verified Alex J

Full Stack Web Development

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