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Full Stack JavaScript Development


👨‍💻 I’m an experienced developer with a wide range of skills in JavaScript. My abilities include:

🌟 Frontend:

  • Building web and mobile applications using React, Vue.js, and other modern frameworks.
  • Efficient data handling with GraphQL.
  • Utilizing TypeScript for secure coding.

🌐 Backend:

  • Creating powerful servers with Node.js.
  • Database management, including SQL (MySQL, SQLite, MsSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis).
  • Integration of payment systems like Stripe and Paypal.
  • Developing secure and high-performance APIs.

🔧 My development approach includes:

✅ Writing clean and high-quality code.
✅ Designing robust application architectures.
✅ Applying test-driven development methods for reliability.

⌚ I’m available to work 8 hours a day, providing clean code and innovative solutions for your website or application.

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