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3D Animator

3D Animator on the lookout for exciting freelance opportunities! 🚀


My expertise lies in bringing characters and scenes to life through the magic of animation. 🎥 I’m proficient in industry-standard software like Maya and Blender, and I love tackling challenging projects that push creative boundaries. 💡

Previous Work:

I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to some fantastic projects at DreamWorks, where I honed my skills and learned the importance of teamwork and meeting tight deadlines. 🚀

What I Offer:

✨ Creative 3D Animation: From character animation to complex scenes, I bring stories to life with a touch of magic.

✨ Collaborative Spirit: I thrive in collaborative environments, bringing ideas to the table and working seamlessly with diverse teams.

✨ Deadline-Driven: I understand the importance of deadlines and deliver top-notch quality within the agreed-upon timeframes.

Why Choose Me:

I’m not just an animator; I’m a storyteller who uses animation as a medium. Whether it’s for games, films, or commercials, I’m dedicated to creating immersive and visually stunning experiences. 🌟

Let’s Create Something Amazing Together!

I’m actively seeking new freelance opportunities to unleash my creativity. If you have a project that needs a touch of magic, feel free to reach out! 🌈✨ Let’s bring your ideas to life! 🚀💻


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