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UI/UX Designer
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Hello there! A bit about me: I come from a city known for its artistic vibes and have a background in the field of Interaction…

DevOps Engineer
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I’m a skilled DevOps professional specializing in crafting resilient and scalable infrastructures. I hold a degree in Information Technology and have a diverse background, from…

Motion Graphics Designer
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Are you in search of a skilled professional who can craft captivating animated flyers or video flyers for your upcoming event? Look no further! I…

NFT Animator
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My Story: Self-taught and fueled by passion, I’ve honed my skills in digital art and blockchain tech to create unique and blockchain-verified NFT animations. 🌐💻…

Social Media Manager
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Skills: Expertise in Social Media Strategy, Content Generation, Data Analysis & Insights, and Community Engagement. I have a proven track record of effectively managing social…

Data Scientist
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✔️I possess a range of proficient abilities that contribute to my professional expertise, encompassing: • Advanced Data Analysis • Python Programming • Information Retrieval from…

Software Engineer
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Software professional with over 8 years of hands-on development expertise. I have a track record of successfully managing and delivering a wide variety of projects,…

AI/Machine Learning Engineer
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I am an AI/Machine Learning Engineer, and I am committed to revolutionizing the digital world, making it smarter and more intuitive. Professional Experience: I’ve been…

Blockchain Developer
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Why you should consider me for your web-3 development needs: ✅ My focus is not on boasting about being a top-rated developer, but rather on…